Wednesday, December 31, 2003


An amazing year that ends with the sun i saw hide for the last time this year...while standing in the corner of the terrace, with earphones on my ear,
Tosca on the cd player and the clock waiting to hit 6pm, so i can go home, and finish saying goodbye , now its just a question of waiting for the right people to arrive past 12am, to party til the sun rises again, the same sun...saying hi again but with the light of a year that starts

I can give thanks to God for such an amazing year..that at the moment seems to have gone by way too fast,but in my mind, is very easily
relivable...each and every one of those 365days and its hours, minute seconds and everything that happened in between,smells , sights, feelings both physical and spiritual...i loved smiling, i loved crying i loved laughing i loved walking i loved running i loved
i loved struggling to get up at 5am i loved sleeping til 11am i loved starting a business i loved to have loved i loved to have worked i loved to have LIVED and i love to have failed and i loved getting up again i loved listening to so much music i loved creating so much music not neccesarily with instruments i loved being with my family more than other years i loved meeting so many people i loved working with people i loved seeing the same people each day and each hi every day to be different from the day before i love the stories told i love the stories written the stories lived the stories made the stories to be written i loved so much happen in front of my eyes i loved the words crossed i loved the words said and heard...i would never finish, i loved 2003, with all its UPS with all its DOWNS , its been a ride.

Cheers...Y como dice ol' blue eyes...the best is yet to comelove you all, thanks for everything.

If you read this...and it gets to you, then im talking to you.


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