Monday, July 28, 2003

bits from gen x :

101-ism :The tendency to pick apart, often in minute detail alla spects of life using half understood pop psychology as a tool

musical hairsplitting : The act of classifying music and musicians into pathologically picayune cathegories example : "the vienna franks are a good example of urban white acid folk revivalism crossed with ska "

McJob : a low pay, low dignity, low prestige, low benefit, no future job in the service sector, Frequently considered a satisfying carrer choice by people who have never held one.

conversational slumming: the self conscious employment of a given conversation precisely for its lack of intellectual rigor

architecural indigestion: the almost obsessive need to live ina cool enviroment, Frequently related objects include framed black and white photography, a simplistic pine furniture, matte black high tech items such as stereos, tv's and telephones, low wattage ambience lighting, a chair or table that alludes to the 1950's cut flowers with complex names.

japanese minimalism : the most frequently offered interior design aesthetic used by rootless carrer hopping young people


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