Saturday, August 02, 2003

hoy...funny insults, exhilarating sunsets, peace filling saltwater of the pacific ocean caressing my feet, the one and only sunset seemingly more perfect seen thru eyes with sand on ur feet, ocean air on ur face and the most perfect soundsystem this world could ever conceive...waves filling the air one by one by one by they crash into the shore. What is it about the ocean and humans??? is it the fact that the mere sight of it reminds you of how little we are? it is the one thing that has remained ( at least visually ) VIRTUALLY UNCHANGED since earth was created...or maybe because we feel like there is really nothing more out there when you are on the buildings, no streets, no cars, no nothing...dont look back, just look at whats in front of you..sand, and water, and well the sun, its the most involving movie theater out there...and its funny how, at those 2 minutes which lasts a sunset, every-single-pair of eyes- was set on the brush-stroke orange, blue ,purple painted sky, with a huge bright orange ball of fire sinking slowly,second by second into the sea, only to come out, 12 hrs could say u went to the beach , or u could write all the shit i just did just to remember it later.


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