Sunday, September 19, 2004

Copipeisted # sabequetantos
It?s funny how house music all of the sudden just makes sense, filling up the empty spaces that simply can?t be satisfied from the synthetic and often hollow sounds of trance and techno. House music ,especially house music from NYC, fills you up with dark sexy smoke and satisfies that need to feel connected to the music, to feel the human passion that created it.

House music, although based around the punchy 4/4 kick of the drum machine, is extremely reliant upon the organic elements to bring it to soulful fruition. From the well crafted vocals to the live instrumentation, house is an amazing synergy of the sounds of man and his machines. Stemming from Disco and Jazz, house music has spanned the course of two decades and has still remained on the forefront of underground and even commercial electronic music.


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