Thursday, September 23, 2004

The semi-lonely beach, the strong blue sky, and the smooth wind, the warm sand on my back, and her voice next to mine...watching planes go by, listening to a space filling silence...echoed by the sound of the waves...and the water on our feet
...i learn things, i listen...i am interested and wanting to be nowhere else but there..we fall into the sand and laugh our ass off...we walk and draw roads on the sand,look at the sun painted sand like if we were walkin on a living painting...closing our eyes as we think of a moment in the future, when were going to want to remember the moment were creating...and we think, that were living, the moment were remembering.
And as we drive into the coronado bridge, the sun conspires to set at the exact point where we are on the highest part...and when the bridge ends, the sun has set...and the sky is purple like yesterday, orange in another parts...cause the sun has hidden now, we drive into the freeway, and the cofee in my tall cup is gone, as i go back home...and u go back home, and we say...see you in a little while.


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