Sunday, September 05, 2004

Tell me, well, u mean to corner me that way
Hope not
Maybe it was mistake,
Stressed out
And you need to take a break from this relationship

But I, you said I was your everything, your dime
Why can?t you just make up your mind

But I don?t feel like wonderin? this time
Are you gonna stay with me, girl

Do you wanna give up
Are you gonna let my love go
Baby, think it over Someone else will have my heart
So do you really want that ?

If you do then I guess you didn?t love me, Love me at all

Could you take seein? me with someone else
Would you be mad at yourself
Would you regret the decision you made
And wanna come back to me

So bad, too bad, it?ll be too late

Separation?s somethin? you create
Bein? without you is somethin? I would hate
But when it?s over it?s over

Terri Walker-Guess you didnt love me


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